Minbai(明焙) Goji Berry Tea

Super fruit goji berry meets hojicha(roasted green tea)

Super fruit goji berry was loved by Chinese emperor for its distinctly sweet aroma.

Added to fragrantly roasted hōjicha, this spiced blend brings red dates and
cinnamon for a uniquely energizing tea.
A great natural alternative to kick-start your day.

Our MIN Series is named after the Chinese dynasty of the same name. 
It hearkens to the time when fragrant teas like jasmine became popularized for the first time, not just exclusive to aristocracy. 

For your morning

”Minbai” makes you warm

A blend of jujube and wolfberry.
It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal dishes for a long time, and is a great material for women who suffer from poor circulation.

Please enjoy it as a tea to wake you up in the morning.


Product name明焙(Minbai) Goji Berry Tea
MaterialsHojicha(roasted green tea), cinnamon, jujube, malt, goji berry
QuantitySachets 6p
How to drinkExtract with boiling water for about 2 minutes. Please enjoy with your favorite thickness.