Meikun(明薫) bottled tea Organic Smokey Lavender Tea

Bottled tea with the scent of smoky lavender and bergamot

Lovingly steeped for 10 hours using mineral water selected just for this special blend,
a bottle of MEIKUN is the perfect companion for a gift to yourself, for someone special, or any occasion that calls for a little sophisticated luxury.

Kyo ban tea is traditional Kyoto tea.
Lavender from France. Bergamot from Italy.
Earl Grey Lavender and Kyo Ban tea.

Kyo ban tea is just as flavorful but lower in caffeine than other teas. This soothing blend with subtle citrus notes makes it great for relaxing after a spa or as a non-alcohol drink at the bar. The products have no additives, they have a natural taste and scent. Enjoy this natural tea from morning to night with selected meals.

Smokey Lavender Tea was exhibited at Japanese Tea selection Paris in 2020. Smokey Lavender Tea was selected for “O” (Settai no temiyage) in 2020 and 2021.

Selected materials

  • Organic Kyoto Bancha
    • In the climate of Wazuka-cho, Kyoto, where there is a large temperature difference, tea leaves have been grown organically and without pesticides since early on.
  • Organic lavender
    • Lavender is known as the “Queen of Herbs” because of its beautiful blue-purple flowers. JAS certified organic lavender has a natural fragrance.
  • Italian bergamot peel
    • Bergamot made with natural farming methods from Calabria, Italy has a gorgeous citrus scent.

Enjoy ”Meikun” in various occasions

Pairing with dishes

Would you like to enjoy a bottle of tea for a home party or a meal on a special day?

No fragrances are used, and the original natural scent is used, so it enhances the taste of the food.
It is easy to match with any dish.

As a gift for someone special

A gorgeous taste with a special feeling. The fragrance and gorgeousness are reminiscent of wine.

As a non-alcoholic drink, it is also recommended for those who cannot drink alcohol.

For your relaxing night

Kyo Bancha has less caffeine and is characterized by its rich aroma.
You can drink it even late at night, and its rich aroma will heal you.

Relax your mind and body with the mellow scent of cool "Meikun bottled tea". 
Please spend a relaxing and healing time.


Product name明薫(Meikun) bottoled tea
PriceNo gift box:4,320yen(tax-included)
Comes in a gift box:4,590yen(tax-included)
MaterialsKyoto Bancha, Lavender, Bergamot Peel
Quantity1bottle 300ml pack of 2
Best-before1 year from date of manufacture
How to drinkChill in the refrigerator before serving.
Since it is additive-free, please enjoy it as soon as possible after opening.