Akihime(明姫) Rose Green Tea

A gorgeous rose meets green tea

Damask rose, goji berry, and classic Kyoto green tea.
Damask rose is an ancient ingredient whose extraordinary aroma captivated even the Egyptian queens of old.

Our MIN Series is named after the Chinese dynasty of the same name. 
It hearkens to the time when fragrant teas like jasmine became popularized for the first time, not just exclusive to aristocracy. 

If you want to refresh yourself in the afternoon

Walk with ”Akihime”

It imparts refreshing peppermint notes and brings out the subtle sweetness of the goji berries.
This is the perfect pick-me-up
in a tumbler on a walk.


Product name明姫 (Akihime) Rose Green Tea
MaterialsGreen tea , Damask rose , peppermint, goji berry
QuantitySachets 6p
How to drinkExtract with hot water of 80 degrees for about 2.5 minutes, and enjoy it with your favorite strength.
Draining is also recommended.